ALL-SHINE was founded in 2000 and provides surface restoration services in Florida. With our high-quality specialty swirl-free polishing system, we will come to your location and restore the surface of your Cars, Boats, RV’s, or Yachts.

​Since the introduction of our own polishing process and product line. ALL-SHINE currently specializes in paint correction and gel coat restoration. Check out the galleries to see some of the impressive results. 

The ALL-SHINE Difference


It's our guarantee to you. Not only will you see a difference, but you won't be happier with any other company. We've been in the business for over 13 years, and that's given us a chance to make sure that our quality is up to a standard that others just can't compete with. Which also means that it's a quality you'll not only see, but you'll appreciate it. The decision is clear, and we're here to help you keep your investment looking the way it's supposed to.


We've been in this business for over 13 years. We've been doing this for a really long time and we pride ourselves on making sure your paint or gelcoat polishing needs are not only met, but exceeded. We offer:


  • 100% Swirl-Free Polishing
  • Maintenance Washings
  • Glass Polishing and Protective Finish
  • Metal Polishing and Coating
  • ​Maintenance Training
  • Friendly staff

Why Us

About BuffPro

          I am extremely happy to write a letter of recommendation for Jim Farrell of ALL-SHINE. I have been in the Marine Industry for the past forty seven years and I have never dealt with a more professional polishing company. Irish EI’S is a 100ft Hatteras Motor Yacht and the shine Jim put on the vessel is absolutely outstanding. There are no swirl marks what so ever. Jim did what ever it took to finish the job in a timely manner. Everyone comments on how beautiful the boat looks.


Captain Tom Pezzi

M/Y Irish EI


BuffPro® was created as a result to find a better way to polish cars. As the owner of ALL-SHINE,Inc detailing company in Florida, Farrell became repeatedly frustrated with the poor polishing methods on the market. While many of the existing products and methods promised to eliminate unsightly swirl marks and restore shine to motor vehicles, those products in reality only filled in and covered up swirl marks. Farrell created a prototype of a buffing power tool. He spent months and months tinkering and experimenting with various tool parts until he created a buffing and polishing product that worked beautifully. Based on Farrell’s design, the BuffPro® power tool revolutionizes the manner in which surfaces are buffed and polished by changing the powered motion from a rotary rotation with a disk to an axial motion with a drum. This innovative product actually removes swirl marks and restores the shine to the surface of motor vehicles. The product also creates better efficiency for its users by reducing buffing time by 50 percent.Auto and marine detailing professionals and enthusiasts alike will love the quality, craftsmanship and performance of the BuffPro®.